Healesville Sanctuary

In our quest to find great destinations around Australia, the GoGet Melbourne team ventured to the wonderful Healesville Sanctuary over the weekend to get up close with some great Australian animals. The Healesville Sanctuary is a great and easy day trip for the whole family. Alternatively, it can be part of a larger weekend trip to one of Victoria’s many wine regions: the Yarra Valley.  If you are choosing a romantic getaway in wine country, don’t miss the Healesville Sanctuary just because you haven’t brought the kids along; even adults can have some fun at the zoo! Getting to the Healesville Sanctuary and planning your day The Healesville Sanctuary is located about 65 kilometres (one hour) from the Melbourne CBD.  This means you can book any GoGet car for the day and get to the sanctuary and back without going over the 150 included kilometres on a daily rental.  The short one hour journey is also perfect with younger kids in mind.

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Dove’s cry but reigning Prince has a plan

      I’ll never forget the time, about a year before my husband and I were married, that I announced, “Prince is so sexy!” I made my bold declaration well within earshot of my future mother-in-law. It was a different time then. We were in Jackson, Mississippi and the year was 1983. She was shocked. When I tell my adult children this story now, they are surprised to learn that in the early 80s, 20 year-old white girls didn’t go around telling their southern belle mother-in laws they were crushing on an African-American musician. Who was her son marrying? Just a normal girl. If you don’t believe me, watch the coverage of Prince’s passing all over the news this week. People of every age, gender, race, creed and color are mourning the loss of this talented musician. I am in good company. A lot of people dug Prince. A lot.

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The Big Freeze

The Big Freeze, which is also known as the Heat Death, is one of the possible scenarios predicted by scientists in which the Universe may end. It is a direct consequence of an ever expanding universe. The most telling evidences, such as those that indicate an increasing rate of expansion in regions farthest from us, support this theory. As such, it is the most widely accepted model pertaining to our universe’s ultimate fate. The term Heat Death comes from the idea that, in an isolated system (the Universe being a very big example), the entropy will continuously increase until it reaches a maximum value. The moment that happens, heat in the system will be evenly distributed, allowing no room for usable energy (or heat) to exist – hence the term ‘heat death’. That means, mechanical motion within the system will no longer be possible. This kind of ending is a stark contrast to what other scientists believe will be the Universe’s alternative ultimate fate, known as the Big Crunch.

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Why men pay for sex?

What makes a man sleep with a sex worker? We asked 3 escorts to quiz their clients Prime Minister David Cameron may have described his Culture Secretary John Whittingdale as "a single man who is entitled to a private life" but it hasn’t stopped a media frenzy over the latest revelations that he had a relationship with a sex worker. Although the relationship occurred before Whittingdale was made a minister last year ( he says he ended it when he found out about her line of work!) critics claim trying to keep the relationship under wraps may have clouded his judgement about press regulation. He was chair of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, which was instrumental in the phone-hacking scandal. Perhaps Cameron’s nonchalance about the whole thing is the real point here. After all, research reveals that one in 20 men has willingly slept with a sex worker anyway. 

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Gallery: Iditarod dog sled race


Alaska is so warm this year, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race had to have snow brought in to Anchorage to make the ceremonial opening race happen. The Alaska Railroad is hauling 300 cubic yards of snow from Fairbanks to Anchorage on Thursday for the opening ceremony on Saturday. Even with the 15 truckloads of imported snow, the route for the ceremonial kickoff race was shortened to 3 miles, as opposed to the usual 11 miles. (The course for the race itself is about 1,000 miles.) City of Anchorage personnel tried to figure out a way to keep the full 11-mile course, but with the warm weather lingering, it wasn't possible this year, Stan Hooley, CEO of the Iditarod Trail Committee said in a news release. "A persistent ridge of high pressure over Alaska in January and February has kept snow totals low and temperatures warmer than normal across much of the state," CNN meteorologist Sean Morris said.

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Pokies critics hit the jackpot

Len Ainsworth quietly sips a cup of tea in the austere boardroom of Ainsworth Game Technology. The 92-year old pokies king has just engineered a near $500 million jackpot after selling his majority stake in the company he founded two decades ago to Austria's Novomatic. And he's clearly feeling pleased with himself. "It's not a bad result for an amateur," chuckles Ainsworth. Given Ainsworth's status as the world's oldest pokies magnate, there have been no shortage of suitors lining up over the years with offers to buy his stake. While Ainsworth steadfastly refused to budge, the privately-held Novomatic played a masterful long game. The Vienna-based gaming giant, the second largest poker machine maker globally, started its pursuit of Ainsworth in early 2013. Worried about the growing problem of gambling addiction, politicians in Austria and Germany had started to impose new regulations on pokie and casino operators forcing Novomatic to look offshore to keep growing its revenues.

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Perceptions of crime surveyed

The Department of Justice (DOJ) today published Research and Statistical Bulletin 1/2016 ‘Perceptions of Crime: Findings from the 2014/15 Northern Ireland Crime Survey’ (NICS). It is a National Statistics Publication. In addition to describing respondents’ perceptions of causes of crime, recent crime levels and the extent of problems of anti-social behaviour in the local area, this bulletin illustrates three commonly used measures of concern about crime: worry about crime and personal safety; perceptions of the likelihood of victimisation; and perceptions of the effect of ‘fear of crime’ on quality of life. Key Findings Drugs (73%), alcohol (62%) and a lack of discipline from parents (51%) were the three factors most commonly identified by NICS 2014/15 respondents as major causes of crime in Northern Ireland today. When asked which single factor they considered to be the main cause of crime, the most common responses, cited by 29% and 20% of respondents respectively, were drugs and a lack of discipline from parents.

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South Melbourne children pay price for schools shortage

Up to 220 new schools need to be built in Victoria in the next decade to cope with an explosion in student numbers, research has warned. But despite the alarming statistics, for the first time in 15 years, not a single new state school will open its doors to students when class returns next week. Victorian schools must absorb 190,000 extra students between 2016 and 2026, according to an analysis prepared for Fairfax Media by the Grattan Institute. This will mean 7200 extra classrooms and teachers, and between 140 to 220 new government and non-government schools. "To have no state schools opening this year is disgraceful," Australian Education Union Victorian branch president Meredith Peace said. Many state schools are already feeling the squeeze and have crammed portables into their playgrounds to accommodate extra students. Others are turning away families, running classes in halls and storerooms and staggering lunchtime so there's enough space for children to play.

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Werribee Open Range Zoo

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Healesville Sanctuary

What animal lover doesn't love cute spring animal babies? There's no better time to visit Healesville Sanctuary than these spring holidays! With adorable ducklings, waddling baby wombats and Rascal the baby kangaroo joey, just for starters, you and your family are sure to be delighted. And of course there's a variety of other favourite exhibits and shows; Spirits of the Sky show daily at 12pm and 2pm, showcasing magnificent birds of prey; eagles, owls and parrots in flight. Tales from Platypus Creek is a show held daily at 11:15am and additionally at 1:30pm on weekends.  See Platypus in a unique riverside tank environment in their brand new amphitheatre. Observe Platypus as they interact with keepers, play in the water and even enjoy having their tummies tickled! As seats are limited it is recommended you arrive 15 minutes early. Cool Conservation gives visitors the chance to see breeding programs in action for two of our threatened alpine species; the Mountain Pygmy-possum and Southern Corroboree Frog.

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