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Grey and Bliss in Port Melbourne (197 Bay Street, Port Melbourne) is a modern open air styled cafe on Bay Street.


As you can see Grey and Bliss have gone out of their way to present you with something out of the ordinary. It seems to be a common thread of the more adventurous cafes that a point of differentiation is light fittings. There really does seem to be some originality out there.

The Ploughman’s Bliss is the semi common cured meats plate with bread and dips. Cured meats really should be for a bygone era (it was necessary to preserve meats and some fruit and vegetables before refrigeration existed) for health reasons. However, that ever present mixture of salt and fats is hard to let go.

While only there for a coffee break I was happy to enjoy Grey and Bliss. The food that was passing me by looked very good and the coffee was great.


Grey and Bliss is easy on the eye and the service is top notch even if the original order was mixed up and replaced by the Ploughman’s Bliss. I hope another customer didn’t miss out!


Anyway, hopefully I’ll be hungrier next time and really go to town at Grey and Bliss. I’m pretty sure I’ll get there again sometime even if it takes me a year.


Grey and Bliss
Rating – 4
Would I go again – Yes
Would I recommend to a friend – Yes

Telephone: (03) 9646 9989
Address: 197 Bay Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Reviewed By: Howie Begrey6

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