Ice Age 4D

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This past weekend, I was invited to the San Diego Zoo to check-out the new Ice Age 4D movie experience. My family came with me and it was a fun morning with each one of us enjoying the movie and Elephant Odyssey exhibit.



Keke Palmer who is the voice of Peaches in the upcoming film, Ice Age: Continental Drift, was there to take photos and chat with the press about the new movie. She also spoke about the 4D movie, giving us an idea of what we would expect when we went inside the theater.

Mammoth_IceAge4D-266x400-199x300My 8-year-old was a little nervous since he knew he’d probably be getting wet but we ended up laughing so hard when we got covered in dinosaur snot when the big dino in the movie sneezed all over us. The scent of berries filled the room when the characters on film were using them as bombs to blast the bad guys, and my youngest son (17 months) was excited when the bubbles floated around and snow started to fall.

The biggest thrill for my husband and I was when some vines somehow tickled and wrapped around our ankles momentarily during the movie. Most of the kids (including my oldest) were not tall enough to have their feet reach the ground, which is probably good, since this was the most startling (scary) thing about the 4D experience.



If you haven’t been to the San Diego Zoo in a while, I definitely suggest you check out this 4D film. Your older kids will love it and you will too!

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