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Too often employers forget that the source of their healthcare costs is a direct result of the health conditions, lifestyle habits, and healthcare service utilization of their employees. To address this, employers across the country are partnering with Medova Healthcare to learn and experience the benefits of an integrated wellness and lifestyle improvement program that promotes and provides employee based incentives for improvements in health status and lifestyle habits.

The “Lifestyle” Health program offered by Medova Healthcare is designed to provide you with a turnkey health benefit and wellness benefit program for your organization. To accomplish this Medova Healthcare has partnered with several “A” rated carriers to offer a group-specific benefits solution that provides health benefit coverage, a behavioral based wellness and health improvement program, and lifestyle incentives to promote and reward employee involvement – all in a single benefit program.
The result is a healthier, more productive workforce, and lower healthcare costs for you and your employees. Successful wellness-based benefit programs have proven to offer a return on investment of $3-4 dollars for every dollar invested.

Unlock a whole new world of wellness with Lifestyle Health Plans, and begin to enjoy benefits beyond healthcare costs alone:

Reduce Absenteeism
Improve Productivity
Improve Presenteeism
Reduce Injuries
Improve Morale and Employee Retention

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