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Changing Stress and Anxiety into Efficiency


Leaders who want the best possible results for both the businesses they represent and the staff members that report to them, are finding simple yet successful, cutting edge solutions to this dilemma and we discuss this with business expert, Stuart Hayes:The first thing Stuart asks leaders to contemplate is the consequences of stress and anxiety in the workplace V's the results possible where wellbeing prevails:

One- Efficiency of PersonnelStress and also bad feelings leads to staff's focus being diverted and having impaired psychological clarity. Whereas more satisfied team members have clearer minds and are more engaged, focused as well as resourceful;

Two- Staff Well-beingStrain and negative feelings can bring about ill health... whereas individuals who are happier are often both much healthier and take pleasure in what they do;

Three- Morale and Staff TurnoverTension and also bad emotions lead to staff retention problems. Whereas more satisfied team members feel even more connected to both their business and their colleagues, and so generally stay put longer;

Four- Workers influence on Public RelationsStress and anxiety and negative feelings might cause team members to be resentful and a decreased degree of dedication in customer service positions.

Three- Measurement of the heart's range differs, being subject to an individual's frame of mind;

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