Changing Stress and Anxiety into Efficiency


Leaders who want the best possible results for both the businesses they represent and the staff members that report to them, are finding simple yet successful, cutting edge solutions to this dilemma and we discuss this with business expert, Stuart Hayes:The first thing Stuart asks leaders to contemplate is the consequences of stress and anxiety in the workplace V's the results possible where wellbeing prevails:

One- Efficiency of PersonnelStress and also bad feelings leads to staff's focus being diverted and having impaired psychological clarity. Whereas more satisfied team members have clearer minds and are more engaged, focused as well as resourceful;

Two- Staff Well-beingStrain and negative feelings can bring about ill health... whereas individuals who are happier are often both much healthier and take pleasure in what they do;

Three- Morale and Staff TurnoverTension and also bad emotions lead to staff retention problems. Whereas more satisfied team members feel even more connected to both their business and their colleagues, and so generally stay put longer;

Four- Workers influence on Public RelationsStress and anxiety and negative feelings might cause team members to be resentful and a decreased degree of dedication in customer service positions.

Three- Measurement of the heart's range differs, being subject to an individual's frame of mind;

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Hiring The Right Tradie For Your Property

Whether you're planning to procure an all-around property contractor for a significant building task, creating a core maintenance team to maintain your rental's systems, or simply need to have a property contractor to remedy some difficulties around your residence, here are some tips you can use to track down the ideal tradies as well as obtaining a tremendous job, at a good rate. 1. Ask people you really know and trust for recommendations When searching for a property improvement expert with a reliable standing as well as a significant line-up of recommendations, one of the very best practices to start your search is by talking to your network of family, buddies, and colleagues for suggestions. Some of the most reliable tradesmen are typically some of the hardest to come across, since they typically get a great deal of trade from referrals, they do not need to promote themselves. If your word-of-mouth search does not provide you with at least 3 potential options, the second step is to look online.

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Tax Time Tips


From Melbourne Accountant George Kontominas Money mistakes made this month can potentially cost you plenty at tax time says George Kontominas, the Managing Partner of Dendra Accounting Group. Kontominas was nominated for two individual awards in the prestigious Australian Accounting Awards, the top awards for the Accounting Industry. "Errors in June can create financial pain — particularly around the timing of tax-deductible payments and selling assets." said Kontominas. A failure to tax plan will delay tax-deductible expenses. A failure to tax plan will delay tax-deductible expenses. Kontominas was nominated for two individual awards in the prestigious Australian Accounting Awards, the top awards for the Accounting Industry. "Errors in June can create financial pain — particularly around the timing of tax-deductible payments and selling assets." said Kontominas. A failure to tax plan will delay tax-deductible expenses. For example, with investment or work-related expenses, delaying them until July means waiting an extra year to get a slice of that money back from the taxman.

Kontominas was nominated for two individual awards in the prestigious Australian Accounting Awards, the top awards for the Accounting Industry. "Errors in June can create financial pain — particularly around the timing of tax-deductible payments and selling assets." said Kontominas

Retailers in June promote tax deductions as part of their end-of-financial-year sales, which is good for people buying, particularly for business, who have a generous $20,000 capital expense limit per item for immediate tax write-offs. “But tax deductible expenses only make sense if they are for something your business actually needs” says Kontominas. Remember a tax deduction only gives you back your marginal tax rate, not the entire expense. Taxpayers should be mindful of the opportunity of timing purchases for their business

He said Any business owner who would like specialist information on Managing tax for Manufacturers can attend a free event on June 15.

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So in the end, a day that began looking like a total disaster for the Democratic National Convention led to an evening that was not disastrous in the least — an evening, in fact, that might have saved not just the week but also the election. Okay, it’s way too soon to be sure about all of that. But earlier in the day, Bernie Sanders supporters were in the streets chanting the GOP convention’s slogan — “Lock her up!” — about the woman Democrats were about to nominate, Hillary Clinton. The outgoing chair of the party got roundly booed at a breakfast given by her home-state delegation, and Sanders himself was booed when he exhorted followers to work and vote for Clinton. Early speakers in the Wells Fargo Center faced a cacophony of catcalls. There was no way to go but up, and the ascent was launched not by a politician but by comedian Sarah Silverman.

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Botanic Gardens – Not Just a Pretty Picnic Spot

Been to the Botanic Gardens Lately? It's more than just a nice spot to catch up with a gathering, there's a variety of activities on offer for young and old. Here's a sampling of what's available or for more information head to their website Botanical illustration beginners workshop with Mali Moir  This intensive four-day course provides an introduction to botanical art via pencil and watercolour. Students will begin to develop skills in outline drawing, foreshortening, tonal work, rendering of surfaces, basic colour work and paint application. The cost of the course includes equipment to be used during the workshop - drawing materials, paint, watercolour paper and brushes. Suitable for adults and teenagers. Presented by the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Monday 11 to Thursday 14 July 10am to 4pm each day Whirling Room Studio, GMT Building Melbourne Gardens Getting Here $399 adult $342 Friends' members Bookings / Enquiries T 03 9650 6398 E Bookings required, cancellation and refund policy applies.

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Every breath you take

My reason for sending ‘my story’ to talkhealth (rather than to only the Aspergillosis website) was in an attempt to reach those unfortunates who have yet to be diagnosed and, of course GPs, as personally I have suffered these symptoms for twenty to twenty-five years (if not all my life!). I also know of others in the Group who have had similar experiences. So, I’m really pleased to have this further opportunity. This condition is referred to as ‘rare’ and I don’t dispute that per se, but based on my own experience and that of others, I consider it may be less rare and rather – under-diagnosed. When I described the symptoms as being ‘flu-like, with constant coughing, etc., on reflection, it was a somewhat under-estimated account, particularly in later years, as the fungal ball continued to grow in my lung. Having experienced influenza, bronchitis, pleurisy and pneumonia (the condition left me ‘open’ to every possible virus), in my experience, the effects are far worse than any/all of these.

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Protecting The Innocent

gavel I’ve always been known as a tough-on-crime, pro-law enforcement individual, and I still am. During my years as a North Carolina State Senator, I vigorously advocated for the death penalty. As a superior court judge, I presided over trials where the death penalty seemed like the only suitable punishment for the heinous crimes that had been committed. Finally, as a Justice, and then as Chief Justice, on the Supreme Court of North Carolina, I cast my vote at appropriate times to uphold that harsh and most final sentence. After decades of experience with the law, I have seen too much, and what I have seen has impacted my perspective. First, my faith in the criminal justice system, which had always been so steady, was shaken by the revelation that in some cases innocent men and women were being convicted of serious crimes. The increased availability of DNA testing in the early 2000s highlighted this problem so clearly to me.

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Healesville Sanctuary

In our quest to find great destinations around Australia, the GoGet Melbourne team ventured to the wonderful Healesville Sanctuary over the weekend to get up close with some great Australian animals. The Healesville Sanctuary is a great and easy day trip for the whole family. Alternatively, it can be part of a larger weekend trip to one of Victoria’s many wine regions: the Yarra Valley.  If you are choosing a romantic getaway in wine country, don’t miss the Healesville Sanctuary just because you haven’t brought the kids along; even adults can have some fun at the zoo! Getting to the Healesville Sanctuary and planning your day The Healesville Sanctuary is located about 65 kilometres (one hour) from the Melbourne CBD.  This means you can book any GoGet car for the day and get to the sanctuary and back without going over the 150 included kilometres on a daily rental.  The short one hour journey is also perfect with younger kids in mind.

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Dove’s cry but reigning Prince has a plan

      I’ll never forget the time, about a year before my husband and I were married, that I announced, “Prince is so sexy!” I made my bold declaration well within earshot of my future mother-in-law. It was a different time then. We were in Jackson, Mississippi and the year was 1983. She was shocked. When I tell my adult children this story now, they are surprised to learn that in the early 80s, 20 year-old white girls didn’t go around telling their southern belle mother-in laws they were crushing on an African-American musician. Who was her son marrying? Just a normal girl. If you don’t believe me, watch the coverage of Prince’s passing all over the news this week. People of every age, gender, race, creed and color are mourning the loss of this talented musician. I am in good company. A lot of people dug Prince. A lot.

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The Big Freeze

The Big Freeze, which is also known as the Heat Death, is one of the possible scenarios predicted by scientists in which the Universe may end. It is a direct consequence of an ever expanding universe. The most telling evidences, such as those that indicate an increasing rate of expansion in regions farthest from us, support this theory. As such, it is the most widely accepted model pertaining to our universe’s ultimate fate. The term Heat Death comes from the idea that, in an isolated system (the Universe being a very big example), the entropy will continuously increase until it reaches a maximum value. The moment that happens, heat in the system will be evenly distributed, allowing no room for usable energy (or heat) to exist – hence the term ‘heat death’. That means, mechanical motion within the system will no longer be possible. This kind of ending is a stark contrast to what other scientists believe will be the Universe’s alternative ultimate fate, known as the Big Crunch.

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