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This month we are doing a feature on Business Coaches

The key is shifting the focus onto the skills of leadership, rather than the skills of the leader himself.” “The free online course I’m launching today introduces executives to this paradigm shift, via an easy to implement online program that they can complete in a relatively small amount of time, I’m talking as little as 20 to 40 minutes a week, over just three weeks” said Mr Little. “This makes trying behavioural coaching a ‘no brainer’ because the time investment is so small, and there’s no cost, so there’s no barrier!" At the end of the program participants get a comprehensive debrief to help them identify the key things they learned, and how they can easily implement them and become a more effective leader. To register for the free course, or obtain more information about behavioural coaching or Stakeholder Centred Leadership, visit www.executivecoaching.melbourne https://youtu.be/hmn4Pdr2jXs

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