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This months Business Coaching Feature, Part 2

Stuart Hayes Leadership
Stuart Hayes offers free business planning consultations to entrepreneurs looking to improve the performance of their business, particularly in developing functional and accountable leaders in your business. You can apply for a free two hour business coaching session on his website.

Stuart Hayes Leadership is locally based in Port Melbourne. Stuart is an ex CEO Mr Fix it for top business consulting firms where his role was to go into ailing businesses and get them profitable. This makes his background quite unique among business coaches. His coaching is known for its practical approach, which is tailored to the individual circumstances of each business.

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We recently interviewed Stuart as part of our feature on business coaching

We asked Stuart the following question: With economists forecasting uncertain economic times, the global economy still remaining fragile and the situation in China uncertain, what do you think are the top concerns business leaders should be considering?

Stuart: Based on my experience, I would say that one of the most important things business leaders should be considering is adapting to the changing circumstances of new market conditions. To do that properly business owner should be looking closely at the impact of economic conditions on the fundamentals of their business. If at all unsure about the impacts of coming changes, remember hope is not a strategy! A failure to adapt to circumstances is one of the most common reasons businesses find themselves in trouble. My advice is to reach out for help from someone you can  work with, someone independent, as quickly as possible.
The quality of the outcomes you achieve in business is always proportional to the quality of the questions you ask and the first question you need to ask yourself is, “Is my fundamental approach still the right one?” Ideally you should look for a mentor or coach you feel you can trust, someone who has stood in your shoes and can help you see what’s really going on and what you need to do next.

Stuart also runs a podcast on developing leadership skills in your career called Careers Unplugged and it’s one of the leading podcasts in business development in Australia.

This month we are doing a feature on Business Coaches

Melbourne is, along with Sydney, Australia’s leading commerce and business centres. We have produced some of the world’s best businessmen, including Rupert Murdoch (whatever you may think of him).

There is a strong culture of business and executive coaching in corporate Australia and this month we are going to review a few of the leading coaching firms. In our review we will look to tell you about what’s unique in their approaches, what kinds of training they offer and why you might want to check them out.

Executive Coaching – Gwyder Consulting Group

Gwyder Consulting is run by Kerry Little. He is an accredited coach with the Marshall Goldsmith Global Executive Coaching Organisation. Gwyder specialise in a form of executive coaching called behavioural coaching. Which features the Stake Holder Centred Leadership methodology made famous by New York Times bestselling author, Marshall Goldsmith.

In fact the effectiveness of Stakeholder Centred Coaching was categorically proven when a comprehensive study among 11,000 business leaders in 8 multinational companies on 4 continents concluded that 95% of leaders who consistently applied Stakeholder Centred Coaching measurably improved their leadership effectiveness.

Kerry Little recently released a free executive coaching report designed to introduce business leaders to some of the key distinctions that underpin Stakeholder Centred Coaching.

Speaking at the launch, Little said “The reason Stakeholder Centred Coaching works is because the focus is on identifying and measuring the effects a person’s leadership style has on the performance of their people, which is the single most critical influencing effect a leader can have on productivity. The key is shifting the focus onto the skills of leadership, rather than the skills of the leader himself.”

“The free online course I’m launching today introduces executives to this paradigm shift, via an easy to implement online program that they can complete in a relatively small amount of time, I’m talking as little as 20 to 40 minutes a week, over just three weeks” said Mr Little.

“This makes trying behavioural coaching a ‘no brainer’ because the time investment is so small, and there’s no cost, so there’s no barrier!”

At the end of the program participants get a comprehensive debrief to help them identify the key things they learned, and how they can easily implement them and become a more effective leader.

To register for the free course, or obtain more information about behavioural coaching or Stakeholder Centred Leadership, visit www.executivecoaching.melbourne

What can a Business Coach provide for your Business?

What is all the fuss about with Business Coaches?

If you’ve found yourself wondering what all the fuss is about with coaches these days and are curious as to why more and more people are hiring these professionals to aid them in their business, we’ve asked the following questions to help ascertain if they can provide good value, what circumstances and business types are best served by business and executive coaches.

If you are new in business or even if you are a skilled veteran, there are going to be difficult situation you deal with that can become obstacles to your success. Instead of getting bogged down when the inevitable happens, why not employ someone to help you in improving your circumstances?

By engaging someone that’s gained expertise in what makes businesses work and understands what strategies you can use to either turn struggling businesses around or to take advantage of market opportunities more effectively, you not only have a chance to see your business situation from a different perspective, and gaining new insight but also you have all their years of business experience and know-how to bring to bear on developing the best business strategies for current market forces. Business coaches work hand in hand with their clients to help them to fix any problems and drive their companies forward.

businessHowever You Might Be Asking Yourself, Why Do I Really Need A Coach?

Short answer is, you don’t. No one really needs a coach, however many businesses now choose to employ one for various reasons. The two most common reasons a business owner or senior manager may hire a business coach are;

1. The business is not doing as well as it once was and may even be in jeopardy of becoming unviable. and
2. The need to retain quality staff to make the most out of business opportunities (which is difficult to do with high staff turnover)

While there are many components in making a business work well and grow profitably, the culture of an organisation cannot be overstated in it’s underlying importance. Sometimes the inherent culture of a business is one of the hardest things for the business owner themselves to address and yet can be pivotal to the overall success of the business. That’s one of the ways in which a well qualified coach can be worth their weight in gold. Helping the leaders of the business, whether that’s the owner or senior executives, have breakthroughs in their ability to lead others effectively can make an extraordinary difference to the overall productivity of entire businesses or departments. A good business coach spends the time to properly explore and analyse your business so they have a sound basis for later making recommendations and assisting you to make improvements. This feedback is priceless and can really help you end up a better business man, thereby assisting your company to grow in the best direction. Analysis, recommendations and feedback are just a few of the things that business coaches provide.

How can you be sure of a profitable return if you invest in a business coaches services?

While the costs to work with an expert business coach might seem a little high, the benefits that you and your business get may be worth it. Make sure the coach you select has not only the years of experience assisting others to move their business forward, but has shown to get their clients the results they were hired for. Also, take the time to talk to a few of them, some coaches offer free one-off consultations so you can get a feel for the type of coach they are and whether they will be a good match for your business needs. You can ask them what kinds of plans and strategies they’ve implemented and what the results were for the businesses they’ve engaged with previously.

The strategies that are made as a result of partnering with a coach can have broad ranging effects.

If you are confronted with a difficult time in your business, or have challenges with staff retention and are not certain what’s the best way forward to resolve the issues, consider the benefits of employing the services of an expert business coach. The advice and strategies you implement as a result can help your business recover from any current misfortune and set your business up for a greater trajectory of success.