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An amazing good time in Ashcombe Maze

What can be more fun than a real life three dimensional hedge maze? Adults and children alike enjoy the challenge of finding their way around the mazes at Ashcombe. Located in Shoreham on the Mornington Peninsula, Ashcombe Maze boasts the oldest hedge maze (over 40 years old) in Victoria and the fragrant lavender and rose mazes are equally delightful and surprisingly more challenging than they might first appear. The Ashcombe Garden Discovery Trail is a self-guided tour that explores kilometers of meandering gardens. Ashcombe Maze is home to acres of Woodland Gardens with a number of features: the Orchard, the Rock Garden, the Scented Garden, the Herb Barrels, the Small Woodland,  the Lily Pond, the Koala Food Trees and Lake Ashcombe to name a few. There are other activities ideal to help fill in the school holidays such as the Great Gnome Hunt where children are armed with a clipboard and a pencil and an answer sheet to record where they find the many gnomes and fairies.

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