Family escapes Ripponlea house fire

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A WOMAN and five children escaped a fire which spread through their Ripponlea home last week.

A dryer malfunction started the fire, which quickly spread to the hallway and roof of the Oak Grove duplex.

The woman was alerted to the fire just before 9.30am on September 16 after a smoke alarm went off.

Four pumpers and 22 firefighters attended the scene and an aerial unit was also involved in fighting the fire. The blaze was brought under control within 30 minutes.

Fire damage was confined to the rear of the property, but the house was heavily smoke-damaged. The damage bill is expected to be more than $30,000.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Peter Egan reminded residents to check that their smoke alarms were working. “Smoke alarms have again proven to be lifesavers,” he said. “Due to the operation of the smoke alarm and the quick action of the mother, no one was hurt.’’

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