St Kilda hotel fire can’t stop the caffeine addicts

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A FIRE that led to the evacuation of a six-storey hotel in St Kilda wasn’t enough to deter people from ordering their morning coffee last week.

Firefighters called to a fire at the Adina Apartment Hotel on Fitzroy Street about 7.45am on Monday, January 28 also had to contend with people on their way to get a coffee parking between the trucks .

About 150 people were evacuated after a fire that started in the kitchen of nearby cafe 2 Doors Down spread to the building’s first floor car park.

An MFB spokeswoman said the fire then burnt through piping, causing the hotel to fill with smoke and restaurant Golden Fields to flood.

“People were still parking their cars between fire trucks so they could get a coffee,” the MFB spokeswoman said. “It’s important that people remember to steer clear of fire trucks when they’re attending incidents.”

MFB fire investigator Rod East said the blaze was a result of an “interesting chain of events”. It is believed the fire was caused by tea towels hanging over a lit commercial stove.

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